Sports Psychology and Mental Health – Drug Addiction Among Athletes

7 Things Sports Psychologists Can Do

The most common role for a sports psychologist is to teach mental skills for enhanced performance. A mental game expert can help you improve confidence, focus, composure, intensity, and trust in athletic performance. These mental skills help athletes improve performance and can help in other areas of an athlete’s life…



Psychologists Needed in College Sports – Athletes and Mental Health – StillPoint Performance

Like weight rooms and nutrition programs, mental-health services have become integral to college athletic departments…

In the fall of his junior year at Indiana University, distance runner Jackson Bertoli was suffering from deep depression. He couldn’t voice the words to his girlfriend, so he texted her as she sat beside him: I’m feeling suicidal…



Mental Strength for Athletes


The Deep Entrenchment of Addiction Among Athletes

The problem of athletes turning to addiction is not one that happens in isolation. The journal of Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation states that abusing controlled substances takes place across all sports and athletic competitions. Various aspects of athletic life are conducive to drug abuse; in addition to performance enhancement, athletes take drugs (or are given drugs to take) to medicate injuries, and to deal with mental and emotional stress that comes from life on and off the field, track, court, or ring, and even after retirement…



3 Sports Psychology Tips for Parents and Coaches

As youth sports psychology experts, we often work very closely with parents and coaches when we provide mental coaching for young athletes. Parents and coaches who are knowledgeable about “mental game” challenges and strategies are better equipped to instill confidence in their young athletes.

If you are a sports parent or coach, you’ll want to learn how to improve your athletes’ mental game so they can get the most out of their skills in competition.

Here’s just one example of how coaches and parents can improve athletes’ mental toughness using proven mental game strategies…



Collegiate Recovery – Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment

Returning to academia while in early recovery is now possible. Dedicated professionals, student-led support groups and sober events create a perfect blend of sustainable support.

The program at Voyage Recovery is a steadfast supporter of this movement, as reflected in creative continuing care plans. We have relationships with stakeholders and leaders in Collegiate Recovery programming throughout the country, and are fluent in their language and culture.

Perhaps most important is our belief that finding recovery from a substance use disorder should lead to professional and academic growth, not delay or interrupt it. The collegiate recovery movement is the missing piece of support that allows the growth that happens in treatment to take root and flourish.



Sports Medicine, Preventive Health and Lifestyle Medicine – Dr. Hillel Z. Harris, MD

Sports Medicine, Preventive Health and Lifestyle Medicine – Preventive Health and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Hillel Z. Harris, MD will be seeing new patients in his new private practice. He has over 10 years of experience as an attending physician.

Dr. Harris is the founder of MD Sports Inc., which focuses on sports performance and athletic training.

He and his team develop customized nutrition and physical activity plans for athletes and the general population interested living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Hillel Harris attended Tufts University as an undergraduate. He went on to earn his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine, where he graduated with High Honors at the top of his class. He completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at the Detroit Medical Center, and has been board-certified and practicing medicine in Florida for over 10 years.

Dr. Harris promotes wellness, and is an innovator in the emerging field of preventative health and lifestyle medicine. He is a board-certified physician and has been a practicing medical doctor since 2004…


Questions For The Doctor Part 2 – With Dr. Hillel Z. Harris – Sports Medicine

What type of sports medicine do you practice?

As an athlete myself, I know the importance of staying active, making smart food choices, and getting enough rest. I perform evaluations for physical activity, and I write prescriptions for exercise following the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines. I also provide nutrition recommendations based on the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) protocols…


Knee Anatomy – Knee Injuries – 3D Printed Solutions to Avoid Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Anatomy Animated Tutorial

In this episode of eOrthoodTV, orthopaedic surgeon Randale Sechrest, MD narrates an animated tutorial on the anatomy of the knee…


Knee injuries: Common injuries, Treatment Options, and Prevention

The knee is one of the body’s more complicated joints and is susceptible to various injuries. Not all are severe, but some can last longer than…



3D Printed Solutions to Avoid Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Despite knowing the risks of certain activies, even doctors at times find themselves on the operating table. Bill*, one such doctor and avid sportsperson, suffered 2 years of being unable to enjoy hobbies such as walking and golf because of cartilage damage in his knee…



What Knee Brace is Right for Me?

From ACL to LCL instabilities to patella and arthritis pain, there are a number of knee injuries that can sideline your training and daily activities. However, there are a variety of braces to choose from that can help you recover quickly and prevent re-injury to the knee, whether it be for sports, daily functions, pain reduction or post-surgery…

Choosing the Right Knee Brace


Sports Medicine Florida

Sports Medicine Florida

Sports medicine specialists at Mayo Clinic provide a coordinated team approach to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained by recreational, amateur and professional athletes. Sports Medicine’s multidisciplinary team will work together to help you return to your sport. Preventive care is also promoted through wellness, fitness and performance-enhancement consultations…



Sports Medicine Doctor – Dr. Hillel Harris

Planning to keep people healthy and active is just now becoming recognized as medicine.

I have dedicated my life to saving people at their end-stage illnesses. Let’s work on optimizing health to enable people to live a life free of chronic illnesses and debilitation.

Let’s get our bodies moving in the way they were designed to move, and in that way they will keep us healthy and functioning at their peak performance…

Sports Medicine Florida


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

World–class athletes, weekend warriors, youth athletes and everyday people have access to state–of–the–art performance training and health care services conveniently located in Gulf Breeze, Florida at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine…



Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

The athletic fire runs deep at Florida Hospital. Our team of multi-specialty physicians shares the same passion for sports – and returning athletes to them – as the range of competitors who have become devout fans of our world-class treatments and training programs. Equal parts sports and medicine, our services are available to any athlete at any level, and are geared as much toward your healing as they are for preventing further injuries..


Sports Medicine – Medical Services

Our dedicated staff can treat injuries and minor illnesses in adults and children. We have an advanced team of medical professionals who provide outstanding care. Additionally, we are the only medical center to have a dedicated team of athletic trainers who offer sports rehabilitation…

Medical Services Florida

Maintaining Muscle Mass – Emotional Mastery – Sports Medicine – Using Imagery

Muscle Matters: Dr Brendan Egan

Modern science has led to automation which means that we are predisposed to being physically inactive and in his talk Brendan outlines the risks to our health of this development. Furthermore, better medicines are leading to greater longevity and as the global population is getting older, the long term impact on health care provision is a huge challenge to be addressed.

Brendan in his talk focuses on Sarcopenia, a disease involving age related wasting of muscle, and talks about the connections with other diseases, including cancer and diabetes, and he encourages us to change our lifestyles now in order to keep our muscles strong as we age…


How to Stay Calm and Relaxed During Competition – Emotional Mastery

Sports can evoke a wide range of emotions, from inspiration, pride, exhilaration, and satisfaction, to fear, frustration, anger, and panic, often in a very short time span during training or competition.

Your ability to perform consistently is often determined by the consistency of your emotions; as your emotions go, so go your performances…



Use Isometic Holds to Improve Leg, Shoulder and Core Strength

Tennis is a sport requiring players to be strong enough to hold very awkward positions. For example, picture Kim Clijsters finishing in a split on a wide forehand or Novak Djokovic looking like Gumby after stretching to hit a low, open-stance backhand. Core strength is required not only to get into to this position to hit the shot but also to come out of this position to recover for the next shot…



Questions For The Doctor Part 2 – With Dr. Hillel Z. Harris – Sports Medicine

Dr. Hillel Z. Harris, MD is the founder of MD Sports Inc, which focuses on sports performance and athletic training. He provides annual physicals, and performs laboratory testing and body composition testing. He and his team develop customized nutrition and physical activity plans for athletes and the general population interested living a healthy lifestyle. He promotes wellness, and is an innovator in the emerging field of preventative health and lifestyle medicine. He is a board-certified physician and has been a practicing medical doctor since 2004…



Utilizing Imagery to Enhance Injury Rehabilitation

Recovering from injury is an unfortunate byproduct of athletic participation. The rehabilitation process can be an arduous experience full of discouragement. The athlete who approaches rehab with a positive attitude and a goal-oriented plan can turn the tough task of recovery into an affirmative experience. Therapy can result in the athlete being better prepared for future obstacles and in a better position to succeed. The athlete who takes charge of the rehabilitation process in a proactive manner has an improved chance to overcome the debilitating effects of injury…


Knee Anatomy, Knee Pain, 3D Printed Knee Replacement and Knee Rehab Exercises

Knee Anatomy

Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes the anatomical structures of the knee in a very simple and easy way. Bony structures of the knee…


Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions – including arthritis, gout and infections – also can cause knee pain…



How Do You Know If You Have a Torn Meniscus?

A meniscus tear is a common type of knee injury. This part of knee is a disc shaped rubbery layer that cushions your knee. Each knee in our body includes two menisci present near the outer and inner edge on the knee…



Biology trumps bionics: An alternative to total knee replacement

If you have severe knee pain or chronic knee inflammation and swelling which cannot be improved by minor surgery or physical therapy, a doctor may recommend that you have total knee replacement surgery.

With a biologic, rather than artificial knee replacement, we permit our patients to go back to full sports, since there is no artificial material to wear out.

We are certain that many of the knee replacements done in the near future and beyond will be biologic replacements rather than metal and plastic…



3D printing in the medical industry: The 3D printed knee replacement

3D printing is becoming more and more used in the medical industry. This technology is a real game changer, surgeons are really making the most of additive manufacturing. Actually, 3D printing can now be used for knee replacement.

We will see how this manufacturing method is enabling new medical revolutions. How could mass-customization and 3D bioprinting really help the medical field to go further?



Do These 9 Exercises to Strengthen Weak Knees

The following exercises will focus on strengthening these knee-supporting muscles so you can take pressure off your knee joints and make sure they’re aligning properly.

Try to perform these exercises every other day (or even every day if you have the time) for the best results…



Knee Rehab The Right Way

When it comes to knee rehabilitation, taking things slow is always encouraged. Running back into the gym after a meniscus tear or an ACL injury is not a good idea, especially if your doctor advises you to rest.

As I have experienced with my own injuries, there are 5 things you can do to help speed up the recovery, even after surgery, and help your knee regain its full function…